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If you’re looking for a way to make frozen vegetables just as tasty as if they were fresh,

steaming your veggies is perfect for preserving their flavors and texture.

Since they’re frozen at their peak freshness, your frozen vegetables will still have all their nutrients after you steam them.


Things You Should Know

To steam on the stove, boil a pot of water. Put a steamer basket  in the pot and add your veggies.
Cook them for 5–15 minutes, or until they’re warm. Steam vegetables straight from freezer.


  1. Boil 1 in (2.5 ) of water in a pot.

Fill the bottom of your pot with water and set it on your stove over high heat. Bring the water to a rolling boil so the pot is steaming.

Avoid filling up your pot any higher since your vegetables could get a mushy texture if they sit in the water.

  1. Put the veggies in a steamer basket in the pot.
    Pour your frozen vegetables into your steamer basket and spread them out evenly. Set the colander or steamer basket inside the pot so it hangs on the lip of the pot.

Make sure the water isn’t touching your veggies.


  1. Cover the pot and steam the vegetables until they’re tender.
    Put a lid on the pot to trap the steam inside so your vegetables can thaw and cook through. Our frozen vegetables are pre-cooked so they can be steamed quickly (remember they don’t contain salt add some after 5 minute of steaming).
    If you’re unsure whether your veggies are fully cooked, stick them with a fork. If they feel tough or hard in the center, then steam them a bit longer.


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